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Company Brief Introduction
Feicheng Huajian Labor Services Co., Ltd. is a professional dispatch company registered and recorded in national professional organization. Its business covers all urban areas of Shandong Province and it also has partners in other provinces. After years of effort since 2008, it already had steady business cooperation with Singapore companies. The company established close and stable business relationships with some well-known enterprises such as chemical construction, electrical construction, construction, petroleum, and others in 2012. It established a cooperative business contacts with a number of companies of Japan in 2014, and has good performance feedback.
Recommended by a number of companies, it has set up multi-disciplinary
skills training base to create a superior work platform for personnel recruitment and improve the labor technology.
The company is operated lawfully regarding forge ahead as the concept, sustainable development as the goal, honest, pragmatic and efficient as the purpose. We will wholeheartedly provide a efficient and convenient platform or employment abroad.

二、派送國家Countries Dispatched To.
African Countries (Algeria, Zambia, Congo, Angela, etc)
European countries (Sweden, Germany, etc.)

三、 工人外派情況
Labors Dispatch Situation
All the labors dispatched by the company will be responsibled by special
person from the General Department. It includes the resolution of various problems encountered by the families in the country. Since 2008 the company has worked out a successful experience on labor management: ideological state during registration, mental capacity after interview, home visits, training, visas, education before going abroad, signing the contract, warranty, going abroad, home visits, telephone interviews and so on.
From 2008 to the May end, 2017, we have output about 1,600 people to Singapore, among which there are around 1,500 0nstruction workers. The company has set up good business relations with various factory owners of Singapore.

Business on Japan relies mainly on some domestic qualified dispatch companies. Due to various reasons, there is a large proportion gap of successful trainees to Japan compared with other countries (about 2000 people).
African Countries (Algeria, Zambia, Congo, Angela, etc) More than
900 people output.
European countries (Sweden, Australia, etc.) About lO people.
In summary, until the end of May 2018, the company's totally dispatched
labors about 4,600 people, of which there are some early contract termination accounting for l% for various reasons. And for emergency situations occurred abroad, our successful coordination accounted for more than 95%.

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